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Today the most popular card game is Texas Holdem poker and as one it receives much attention from casinos world wide: if you'll walk into a casino you'll encounter reserved Texas Holdem rooms that are waiting open from the early hours to the small hours of the night for Texas Holdem players.

As a matter of fact during 2005 Texas Holdem poker casinos made more than 341 million dollars in Vegas alone. These figures are extracted from the Nevada Gaming Commission Report that is published every January. The figures from last year are much lower and they clearly point that the trend of playing Texas Holdem poker in casinos is continuing to grow.

TexasHoldem-Casinos.com is a site devoted only for Texas Holdem poker online casinos ; we do engage issues that relate to the internet such as online poker rooms or strategies. Here you can find information about tournaments held at Texas Holdem casinos, special strategies that apply only at live casinos.

We are skilled poker players that have decided to present our knowledge to the public of Texas Holdem players that find online poker rooms as entertainment and as a place to make money from the fine sport that Texas Holdem poker is.

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