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Chuck Gorson: A Successful Gambler

A risky yet challenging leisure activity, gambling attracts many people who want to improve or increase their money. There are gambling games like poker that require people to be skillful and intelligent for them to beat other players. To be a successful gambler, players need to exert extra effort to learn some effective gambling techniques and skills.

A successful gambler, Chuck Gorson shows excellent skills in poker and outstanding knowledge in blackjack. Gorson has interest in knowing almost all of the games that are present in casinos. Because of this, he never stops learning the mechanics in playing gambling games like craps and slots.

Many professional gamblers know Gorson as Big Chuck. Most gambling experts agree that Gorson is one of the successful gamblers in the world. He is not only experts in gambling games that need skills but he is also good in playing games of chance such as baccarat. In fact, one of his greatest achievements is winning $175,000 in a baccarat table at the famous casino Trump Marina.

Gorson owns a modeling agency before he starts establishing a career in gambling. His decision to focus his eyes on gambling started when he won at a blackjack tournament held at Aladdin Casino in 1989. The total winning of this successful gambler for his entire career is more than $1 million. Many players and gamblers in Las Vegas know Gorson because he frequently plays in the attractive casinos in the city. Aside from playing in casinos, he also participates in famous tournaments like Ultimate Blackjack Tour.

To help other gamblers who are just starting to make names in the gambling world, he is presently writing a book about his gaming experiences. Entitled "From Fish to Whale," the book focuses on his efforts to become successful. The book also offers information on the challenges that he has faced.

New casino players and gamblers who want to make a living out of gambling games must read biographies about Chuck Gorson. His life is inspiring and motivating so those who have second thoughts about establishing a career in gambling must know how Gorson attained his dreams and became a successful gambler.

By knowing the life of this famous gambler, new casino players can realize that it is not impossible to become millionaires if they excel in casino games. What is important is that they improve their skills and allot time to learn different strategies that will help them become successful gamblers in the future.

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