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The Poker Academy – A Powerful Texas Holdem Tool

The Poker Academy 2.0 is a new product that simulates Texas Holdem poker games with an advanced AI core and an advanced interface that represents live games. Our chief editor – Ray D. Hargrove – have purchased this new software after many reports had came about this new amazing poker tool. Ray has more than 23 years of experience playing Texas Holdem in Atlantic City and in many live poker tournaments, if there's someone that should test the Poker Academy 2.0 it's him.

After two weeks that we here at TexasHoldem-Casinos.com haven't heard a word from him he finally came back to us with a fully report about this software:

"The Poker Academy 2.0 isn't exactly the finest poker tool from what I've seen; all the hype surrounding it is exaggerated at least. Though the game does simulate many situations that occur during a live poker game it teaches you nothing but basic strategy. In fact there's nothing in it that a poker player cannot learn from cheap books and playing at free online poker games, which in my opinion are the best option for now as a practicing and learning platform."

Though the software has many flaws it is advised for beginners that haven't got a clue what Texas Holdem poker is since it teaches how to play the game from scratch. In the end we do not recommend it for moderate poker players.

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